The Cerro Plano Community was the first one founded within what now is called the Monte Verde District. This community is located right next to the famous and original Monteverde, a community founded back on April 19th, 1951 by a group of Quakers from Fairhope, Alabama. Some of the first kids from these Quaker neighbors and friends actually went to school in Cerro Plano because we had the only public school in miles. There are 7 small communities in the district and Cerro Plano is the oldest.

Los Jardines Family Hotel was created and it is managed by one of the original Costa Rican families that founded the Cerro Plano community, The Alvarez Rodriguez. Our Family Hotel is close to the Cerro Plano Public school and two other private bilingual schools. We are also about 5 minutes away, on foot, from the Monteverde Community. This means that we are located in a small rural community with many attractions around us but also next door to Monteverde and the famous cloud forest.

Our staff is very friendly and always willing to assist all our guests just the same way that we, The Alvarez Rodriguez Family, like to provide the best service possible and also enjoy meeting visitors from all around the world and love sharing nature, our culture, our community, and history with them.

We are doing our very best to offer environmentally friendly activities for every visitor and assisting them with reservations and any needed arrangement. Our small establishment is also an eco-friendly hotel doing its part to protect our section of the Three Wattled Bellbird Biological Corridor and its inhabitants.


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